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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Pinocchio President: Obama Lies About Sequester and Hopes for the Worst for Political Gain

UPDATE: DC CBS Station says "White House ‘Cries Wolf’ 3 Times Over Past 10 Days About Sequester Cuts." If Obama will lie so blatantly about the sequester, what else will he lie about?
Meanwhile, his Administration continues to spend big bucks on non-essential items!

On August 2, 2011 Obama signed the Budget Control Act containing what is commonly called the sequester, the minor cutback in the rate of growth for federal spending. It amounts to $44 billion in this fiscal year. Contrast that with Obama borrowing $253.5 billion in February alone. 19 months have passed since Obama signed the bill and yet he did nothing to prepare the government or negotiate a permanent fix with congress. He was too busy campaigning.

Even after his re-election last fall, instead of governing and providing the leadership to move forward on key issues Obama has continued to campaign. It's gotten to the point where even a journalist like former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw has noticed. Others feel Obama has become a "roadshow President," a "perpetual candidate" with a "permanent campaign shimmy" in which the problems are never solved, merely trotted out for political gain.

Four Pinocchio's for Obama's Sequester Lies
Washington Post Fact Check finds Obama has pants on fire for telling whoppers!
So, here we are 19 months after the sequester bill was signed into law and what does Obama do? Try to scare everyone with a pack of lies about the consequences of the sequester. We're told airports would grind to a halt but they haven't. Obama said that the sequester meant that janitors who clean the U.S. Capitol would have their pay cut. The Washington Post printed letters to Capitol employees from management making it clear that this was "NOT TRUE." The Post Fact Check gave Obama the worst rating of Four Pinocchio's for that whopper.

The Post also gave Four Pinocchio's for Education Secretary Arne Duncan's claim that teachers were getting pink slips because of the sequester.

Joe Scarborough on MSNBC presents a great montage of Obama's sequester lies and the truth. It's gotten SO BAD that reliable Obama apologist columnist Eugene Robinson couldn't take it.

Obama's Big Spending Plans Go Ahead Despite Sequester

If $44 billion in cuts creates such a dire situation then why did the Obama Administration just hand over $250 million to the Muslim Brotherhood that is turning Egypt into another Iran? If the risk of furloughing federal workers is so great why did the government post hundreds of notices for new job hires on the first full day after the sequester took effect? If we are about to hamstring air travel by laying off TSA workers why are we spending $50 million for new uniforms. That's $1,000 per worker. And if food safety is endangered by the layoff of inspectors, why is the Dept. of Agriculture going ahead with lavish conferences featuring "special guest chefs?"

Perhaps the most obvious example that we are in a phony crisis engineered by Obama is the news that the White House will suspend tours of the Executive Mansion due to the sequester. Thousands of school children and tourists will be disappointed. Yet Obama won't be cutting back on golf outings, parties, vacations or his perpetual campaign travel.

Obama WANTS Sequester Pain

To alleviate the concern caused by Obama's hype of sequester dangers Republicans offered to pass a bill which would give Obama the authority to prioritize cuts instead of the automatic across the board cuts mandated by current law. Obama refused and threatened to veto such a bill.

His Administration has even instructed various agencies to adhere to strict rules regarding the sequester, no matter how easily these cuts could be managed.

It's no secret that Obama's main political aim is to take over the House of Representatives so he can resume with his radical plans to reshape the U.S. into another failing European style socialist state. It's obvious he has no intention on working with Republicans to solve problems. He intends to continue his perpetual campaign and blame game hoping the public won't notice that it's he and his party who are making the mess on purpose.

One final note that can't be overlooked is the fact that federal spending has doubled since the last year of the Clinton Administration at the same time the population of the United States has increased by only 12%. Were the 280 million alive at the end of the Clinton years living in such degraded conditions? According to many Democrats it was a golden age. And if doubling federal spending has left us vulnerable to disaster if even the tiniest fraction of it is reduced, what kind of security have we purchased for ourselves. If such massive spending increases are so absolutely essential to our way of life what will we do when the money finally runs out?

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