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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dedication of George W. Bush Library Center Reminds Americans of Better Times

So much has changed since Bush left office and not for the better!

Obama and four living former Presidents on hand for dedication of Bush Library and Center in Dallas Thursday.
More at the Daily Mail.
It's been four years since Mike's America stood in an empty field alongside the freeway just north of downtown Dallas. Today on that site the George W. Bush Presidential Center and Library and Museum were dedicated.

It's a state of the art facility with a full size replica of the Oval Office and even a variation of the White House rose garden set on grounds that show off the best of natural Texas landscapes.

Fostering nature awareness and conservation 15 acres of natural Texas landscape
surrounds Bush Center and Library. More on the landscape and building design here. More images here.
The Library and Museum is a reminder that after the last four years it's difficult to remember just how good we did have it during the Bush years. Following the September 11th attacks President Bush woke the country to the danger of Muslim terrorism and no further attacks took place on U.S. soil during his time in office. Despite the attacks an already weak economy recovered and thrived for many years. However, the housing market and financial system did eventually face crisis. What a shame Democrats blocked repeated Bush Administration efforts to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Efforts which might have averted the crisis.

Here at Mike's America we hosted a Bush Thankathon in the final week of the Bush presidency. Readers and fellow bloggers took the opportunity to remember what they liked best about George and Laura Bush and President Bush's leadership.

There's so much to look back on it's hard to pick out one moment, but I'd say the best of Bush was on display at Ground Zero days following the attacks as rescue workers sought to recover the dead. Bush began speaking to the crowd, hesitant and rather muted at first. But the crowd wanted more and Bush delivered the message that was in his heart and in the heart of every American:

BUSH: "The people who knocked these buildings down will hear from ALL of us soon!"
Can you imagine what Obama would say in a similar situation?
President Bush gave us a style of leadership that was able to guide America and much of the world through some of the most difficult years since the end of the Cold War. Unfortunately, his replacement prefers a different leadership style and the results are not as optimal. Our friends respect us less, our enemies no longer fear us and according to international surveys Muslims despise Obama more than they did Bush at the height of the Iraq war.
President Bush was a good man and a good president. History will show quite a contrast with the one who followed him!

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