John Bolton

John Bolton

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What the REAL Cuba is Like for Citizens Seeking Freedom

If the Hollywood trash who think Cuba is such a paradise faced this kind of oppression in the U.S. they'd REALLY have something to complain about!

So, JayZ (whoever the hell he is) and Beyoncé (ditto) are in Cuba basking in the sun and giving the world the impression that it's all sweetness and light. The same bunch that complain about every defect in America and constantly demand their right to be heard are nothing but mere propaganda puppets in Castro's regime.

Listen to what a citizen of Cuba has to say. She's a blogger denied the basic freedoms we all take for granted:
Watch the full interview with Yoani Sanchez here.
RAFAEL PI ROMAN, WLIW: You have written that when you decided to return to Cuba, you promised yourself that you would live in Cuba as a free person, regardless of the consequences. What have been the consequences?
YOANI SANCHEZ, Cuban Blogger: Well, yes.I told myself that I wouldn't return to the mask. I wouldn't return to the pretense. I wouldn't return to the silence. From that moment, a new chapter began in my life, a chapter that has brought with it many reprisals and consequences, for example, being watched, being stopped by state security, knowing that anywhere I go, there could be someone informing, filming and photographing what I do, and losing many friends, friends who are afraid to come close to my house or to me, also the arbitrary detentions, the arrests, the insults, the threats, the not being able to leave my country for five years.
RAFAEL PI ROMAN: How much have things changed in Cuba since Fidel handed over power to his brother Raul almost seven years ago?
YOANI SANCHEZ: I can categorically say that nothing has advanced in terms of citizen rights or civil rights.In fact, I do notice a change in the repression. But it's been a change in style, rather than a change for the better. But Raul's style is one of repressing, without leaving any legal fingerprints.Fidel Castro repressed his opponents in grand, theatrical style and would condemn them to long prison sentences, while Raul has used more occult methods that leave the victims without even the possibility of proving they have been repressed.
Jailed, detained, questioned, spied on and friends intimidated into breaking off relations. That's the REALITY of Cuba for anyone who seeks freedom. What a shame the Hollywood types aren't treated the way actual Cubans are. They might actually discover how great it is to live in America. The same country that made them rich beyond their wildest dreams!

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