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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Arrest of 3 More Suspects in Boston Bombing Puts Lie to the Myth of Isolated, Lone Wolf Attack

But the same Administration which now dismisses new questions about Benghazi attack saying it "happened  a long time ago" will ignore the obvious facts and stick to their myth!

At Monday's press conference Obama repeatedly described the Boston Bombers as "self radicalized." Since we know that the older brother Tamerlan had disturbing terrorist videos on his You Tube account Obama's description is another variation of the same "You Tube did it" excuse for the Benghazi attacks.

But that dodge went out the window with the arrest of three additional suspects. As the Boston Globe described it: "The White House and law enforcement authorities have previously suggested that the Tsarnaevs may have acted alone without clear ties to foreign governments or terrorist groups."

Of course we knew the "lone wolf" or "self radicalized" myth was phony as soon as we learned of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's six month trip to a radical region in Russia and the warnings from Russian sources about his activities. Combine that with the use of pressure cooker bombs, a signature of Pakistani/Afghan terrorism and any suggestion that this was just some spontaneous spark of the jihad impulse is tragically misguided.

It's all part of the willful blindness that the Obama Administration engages in when it comes to fighting terrorism. The consequence of such weakness is that we are more vulnerable to attacks in ways we were not during the Bush years following the original September 11th attack.

There's little to stop Obama from continuing down this dangerous path. They know they can simply stonewall any difficult questions until the public interest dies down. Take the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012 as a case study. Despite Obama's pledge to bring the You Tube protesters terrorists to justice, nothing has been done. Now, any question to the White House about the attack is met by the Press Secretary with the statement it "happened a long time ago." Just another variation on Hillary Clinton screeching "what difference does it make?"

A new Pew Survey of Muslims shows that 28% worldwide say violent jihad by suicide bombing may be justified.  With potentially hundreds of millions of Muslims so inclined, how is it that the Obama Administration attitude refusing to link Islam and terrorism helpful in preventing future attacks?


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