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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Obama's Arrogance of Power in Promoting Susan Rice

Giving the voice of the Benghazi lie the job of National Security Advisor is a slap in the face to any who care about the truth in Libya terrorist attack!

If you needed proof that Obama's so-called "charm offensive" to bridge the gap with congressional Republicans was all for show you need look no further than Obama's promotion of Susan Rice from UN Ambassador to National Security Advisor.

The woman who repeatedly lied to the entire country by claiming a You Tube video was the cause of the attack which led to the murder of our Ambassador in Libya and three other Americans will now sit at the right hand of President Obama in one of the most sensitive and important positions in the Executive Branch of government.

It's a move that had to be made with deliberate intention to offend all those who seek the truth about the Libya attack. Ms. Rice has refused to answer for her role in the big lie and now she will be shielded by the Executive Office of the President from congressional scrutiny.

Obama's move basically will basically assure her silence on the matter and continue to drag out the search for answers to questions surrounding the attack and it's aftermath.

Contrast Obama's evident stonewalling in this case to the Valerie Plame scandal where President Bush ordered the White House staff to cooperate fully with the investigation. Of course no one died in the Plame leak case!

Obama's foreign policy is nothing short of a disaster. And the placement of Rice, who has no credibility among congressional leaders, will only weaken any coherent national security policy IF one were to exist!

It's the Chicago Way. Keep witnesses quiet one way or another. Ms. Rice might want to avoid visits to Fort Marcy Park!


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