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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why is Hillary Clinton Tweeting Front Page News but State Dept. Covering up Drug Selling, Pedophila and Prostitution Not?

It's no wonder the majority of Americans are so poorly informed about Obama Administration corruption and deceit!

On Monday, in the online edition of the Washington Post a small story described how investigations of criminal wrongdoing, including an Ambassador (also a major Obama campaign donor) accused of soliciting sex from children, were swept under the rug while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Her own Chief of Staff and another high up, both of which were involved in the coverup of the attack in Benghazi, are implicated.

The story appeared on page A2 of the print edition of the Post on Tuesday, June 11. It's doubtful too many people saw it since it was dwarfed by a 29 paragraph story which began on the front page and spilled over onto page 2 discussing Hillary Clinton's first tweets on Twitter. All laid on with photos showing Hillary supposedly tweeting and also hugging Henry Kissinger.

Which story, Hillary joins Twitter, or coverup of State Department criminality is more important and newsworthy? Apparently the Post thinks a puff piece about Hillary is.

Just another sad case of media bias which also highlights why it is so difficult to inform the American people about government wrongdoing when Democrats are in power. Can you imagine how different the news coverage would be if the story about State Department criminal coverups had happened while Condi Rice was Secretary of State?

Why the Post's slobbering fascination with Hillary tweeting? Columnist Maureen Dowd has a thought. She wonders whether the media might be trying to make Hillary Clinton the new "cool" Democrat onto which gullible and disillusioned Obama followers might flock to as the lamest of lame duck Presidents sinks beneath the waves of scandal, corruption and incompetence.

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