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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Clintons Upset that Weiner Comparison Tarnishes Latest Clinton Whitewash Attempt

But actually, what Bill Clinton did was far worse than Anthony Weiner and Hillary knows it!

The Clinton's are in makeover mode as they prepare for the early stages of Hillary run for President in 2016. The glowing stories about Hillary's record as Secretary of State (which totally whitewash her negligence in the Benghazi attack and State Dept. corruption) are just the first propaganda shot in the bid to boost Hillary. NBC is also getting into the act with a four part mini series featuring Hillary. The series will focus on Hillary's role as Senator and Secretary of State and conveniently not begin chronicling her career until after the period in which she faced multiple White House and Little Rock scandals. There won't be any Little Rock scandal tour as Mike's America documented with an in person visit in 2007.

With all this Whitewater Whitewash going on the last thing Hillary's propaganda team needed was a reminder about Bill Clinton's womanizing past. But with the Anthony Weiner scandal in the news again the comparison is being made. It's all the more relevant when you consider that Weiner's wife Huma was Hillary Clinton's personal aide during her time as Secretary of State and Bill Clinton presided over the marriage of the couple.

According to a report in the New York Post what's really ticked off the Clinton's is an attempt by the Weiner's to say that their problems are similar and should be viewed as such.  All that does is dredge up the dirt Hillary wants buried.

And on that score, the following video comparison of statements by Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner. Cue the player to the 48 second mark if you want to skip Sean Hannity's introduction:

Of course there are many, including some Democrats like Bill Maher, who say that what Bill Clinton did was far worse. There's no blue dress or lying to a grand jury in the Weiner scandal.

No doubt the Clintons, aided by their media allies, will overcome this reminder about the sleazy underside of life with Bill and Hillary. But the story doesn't help the Democrats as others like it showing elected Democrat officials treating women badly continue to percolate. War on women anyone?

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