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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Frack Nation Debunks the Deluge of Lies Left Tells About Gas Fracking

Eventually the truth really does come out but is it too late?

I was channel flipping last night when I landed on AXS TV. The program I stuck with was called Frack Nation and it debunks the lies the left tells about the process known as hydraulic fracking to release underground gas and oil deposits. A technology that could forever free the United States, and much of the world, from the grip of Arab oil.

The left is doing everything they can to stop fracking and there's no lie or falsehood they won't try. A series of documentaries on HBO called "Gasland" contains some of the most hysterical big lie scaremongering you're likely to find anywhere. Frack Nation takes on the left's propaganda and does it with an entertaining and informative narrative that is well sourced and is loaded with first person reporting on location throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Here's a longer clip from the program:

Frack Nation exposes the clear fraud that the left is using to stop fracking. They went to towns in Pennsylvania and Texas where the left asserts that the air and water are being poisoned (sound familiar) and talked to the people who actually live there. More to the point, they reported the results of air, water and blood sampling tests done by the states and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency all of which found there to be no contamination problem as a result of fracking.

But when did the anti-energy left let a thing like facts and scientific analysis get in their way? They are still out there creating so-called documentaries that win wide critical acclaim from their Big Hollywood and media allies even when they repeat such obvious lies as the guy whose garden hose spews flames. Never mind that a Texas Judge found that this demonstration was a fraud:
Texas’ 43rd Judicial District Court found in February 2012 that Steven Lipsky,  “under the advice or direction” of Texas environmental activist Alisa Rich, “intentionally attach[ed] a garden hose to a gas vent—not a water line” and lit its contents on fire.

“This demonstration was not done for scientific study but to provide local and national news media a deceptive video, calculated to alarm the public into believing the water was burning,” the court found in response to a defamation complaint brought by Range Resources, the company conducting hydraulic fracturing operations in the area, against Lipsky and his wife.
It's important to note that Alisa Rich, one of the prime conspirators in that Texas case attempted to pass herself off as a scientific professional in the field and had to admit in court that she had no professional qualifications in this area.

Kyle Smith at the New York Post reviewed Frack Nation, giving it 3 1/2 stars and added this to say:
If you get an Oscar nomination for fearmongering based on rumors and lies, what do you get for debunking the Oscar nominee? Nothing, probably, but Phelim McAleer, who in “FrackNation” gleefully shreds assertions made in the anti-fracking documentary “Gasland,” should be content to have struck a blow for truth.
You also won't want to miss the scene in fracking where the presenter asks one of the fraudsters on a public street if she will provide an independent water sample for testing. The woman become agitated and warns the report that she's packing heat and is willing to use it. Since when does the left believe in possessing firearms?

It's impossible to have an honest debate with the left when they continue to present exposed frauds and lies. Meanwhile, the left's agents in government continue to support the big lie by blocking fracking wherever they can. We all pay more for energy as a result!

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