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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Al "Shakedown" Sharpton Gets Face to Face Meeting with Obama, Holder at White House

A sure sign that recent racial unrest will continue!

Now that the ginned up phony outrage (whites declare open season to kill blacks) over the George Zimmerman trial has died down the race profiteers and their Commander in Chief in the White House have got to come up with a new phony issue to keep the pot boiling and distract the black community from the rampant crime, violence and high unemployment which beset them on a daily basis.

So, along comes Al Sharpton crowing about the huge meeting he had at the White House with Attorney General Eric Holder and Obama. The excuse for the meeting was to protect voting rights for minorities by opposing voter ID laws that seek to fight voter fraud by requiring the same form of ID that every person needs to get on an airplane, cash a check at the bank or enter the White House.

With instant voter registration and lax procedures to verify voter roles, the problem of voter fraud has been growing. True the Vote has a list of incidents and other concerns. For their pains, the Obama Administration sent the IRS to audit the group followed by the FBI, EPA, OSHA, BATF.

You would think that if the problem of voter disenfranchisement due to a requirement for a photo ID was such a big concern that Sharpton, et. al. would be trotting out victims by the dozens. But apparently, it's harder to find someone not able to vote than it is to suggest that it might be happening so off we go again on yet another race profiteering crusade in which the truth be damned!

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