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Monday, September 16, 2013

Despite Outspending Pro Second Amendment Supporters by More Than 6 to 1 Colorado Gun Grabbers Cry Foul After Recall Loss

Dems can't accept that in a fair contest, free of fraud, the people's will is not so easily subverted!

NOTE: With all the focus on Syria, so much going on has slipped off the radar. But this story, late as I am in writing about it, is too important to ignore.

It's the sin of hubris which frequently leads Democrats to believe that they are true representatives of the will of the people. So, when in a free contest the people decide otherwise, Dems can't seem to understand it so they scream FOUL!

The best recent example of this phenomenon is the recall election last week in Colorado. Two state senators, including the Senate President. Both Democrats had rammed through a very unpopular gun control bill and did so while blocking the testimony of those opposed and alternative suggestions. Sound familiar?

A recall effort was launched by grass roots citizens in both districts but were initially viewed as unlikely to succeed. Both districts were heavily Democratic with Obama winning one by 20%. The Democrats were very well funded and enjoyed at least a 6 to 1 advantage over the challengers with a very large proportion of their funding coming from outside the state including huge support from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's group Mayor's Against Illegal Guns.

Senator Giron was so confident of a win she declared that anti-gun rights groups "if they lose even one of these seats, they might as well fold it up."  Giron lost the recall by 12% and will now be replaced by a Republican challenger. Ditto with Senate President Morse.

So, naturally former Senator Giron screamed "voter suppression" because voters were actually required to show up at the polls to vote and Dems were not able to use their full bag of tricks. Quite an ironic twist of fate since, as Allahpundit at Hot Air points out Giron and former Senator Morse did everything they could to suppress the voter's influence on the legislative process.

I won't make too much of a special election or recall result. But of course we know that had the results been different Democrats would cite it as an immediate mandate for other gun control efforts. That effort, already stalled, will continue to remain on hold after this decision. Perhaps one of these days Dems will actually consider alternatives which address the problem of gun violence without infringing the rights of law abiding citizens. At least that's the hope!

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