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John Bolton

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Video: Obama will Negotiate with America's Enemies but NOT House Republicans

Plus, do you want Uncle Sam giving you your next health care exam?

From House Speaker John Boehner:

I suppose Obama is just being consistent. He will cozy up to America's enemies at the same time he attacks Republicans and seeks to deny Tea Party Americans their right to organize!

On a related note, with those applying for ObamaCare being asked about everything from the their sex life to voter registration all with former ACORN community organizers with access to their vital information (with privacy concerns that dwarf the NSA scandal) people are right to be concerned about how signing up for ObamaCare will impact the most personal aspect of their lives; health care.

A new series of ads highlights the issue:

There's one for men too.

Do you REALLY want Uncle Sam in that exam room with you?

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