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Friday, October 25, 2013

ObamaCare Train Wreck Undeniable; 16 Million to LOSE Current Coverage

Now even Democrats are starting to bail out!

Just a few weeks ago Obama and top elected Democrats were calling Republicans terrorists and hostage takers who, Obama claimed. wanted to "put a gun to the head of the American people." So much for civility hunh? All that sound and fury because Republicans wanted to spare the American people from enduring the nightmare that is ObamaCare. Even after Republicans gave up trying to defund ObamaCare and simply asked that individuals be granted the same one year extension as big business, Obama refused.

Obama and the Dems claimed ObamaCare was "settled law" and could not be changed. Not that settled law like immigration statutes has ever stopped Obama from ignoring it or demanding it be rewritten.  But now, Dems in both the House and Senate (1,2) are having second thoughts and a growing number are endorsing some form of delay in the individual mandate which would require a legislative change to this supposedly "settled law."

ObamaCare to force 16 million to lose current coverage. Seniors forced to find other doctor.

Remember all the times Obama said this:

Millions are being forced off the plans they like and many who no option than to sign up for ObamaCare will no longer be able to see the doctor who is not part of the plan. House Speaker John Boehner worries that millions will lose health coverage and not even be able to sign up for new coverage. The net result being that fewer Americans will have health coverage after ObamaCare's implementation than before. Meanwhile, costs are going up, not down. The New York Times (again, NOT Fox News) reports that in rural areas ObamaCare will cost more and the poor will be hardest hit.

*** UPDATE 1: Thousands of elderly patients in New York told they can no longer see their doctor. The man or woman they have come to trust in their time of need is being taken away because of ObamaCare.

*** UPDATE 2: Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is proposing the "If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It Act." Obama says he's open to ideas from both sides (yet never seems to accept ANY from Republicans).

Even the television networks that did their best to ignore Obama's many other scandals are not able to ignore this one:

The disastrous sign up is the first taste of a very bitter pill to follow. ObamaCare is the nightmare that never ends!

Obama tries to change subject before going off to campaign

What's Obama's reaction to the growing tumult? He is trying to change the subject to immigration which I must point out again, is already settled law. And since that's not likely to get anywhere (even Marco Rubio has pulled back) after he and top Dems poisoned the well during the government shutdown, he's off to campaign and fundraise for Democrats.

President Reagan used to say to terrorists "you can run but you can't hide." I'd rephrase that and say to Obama "you can campaign, but you can't hide." Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said congress had to pass ObamaCare so the American people "could find out what is in it." Now we have and we don't like it. And we know who to blame and it's not the Republicans. It's called ObamaCare for a reason!

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