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John Bolton

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Friday, November 29, 2013

A Reminder of True Leadership: 10 Years Ago, Bush's Secret Thanksgiving Visit to Troops in Iraq

What a contrast with the way things are now!

In November 2003 President George W. Bush took the extraordinary step of sneaking out of the country in secret to visit the troops in Iraq for Thanksgiving. Had the trip become known, Air Force One would have become a target for insurgents. The mission was top secret and a real nail biter. But it was worth it. When the President appeared at the Thanksgiving dinner for our troops the place went wild.

C Span has the video.

President Bush serves the troops Thanksgiving dinner in Iraq 2003.
In response to Bush's extraordinary effort the left accused him of parading around with a plastic, prop turkey. They're still doing it. I guess the iconic image of a real leader is too much for them to handle.

Sadly, all we get from Obama are hectoring, hyper partisan speeches with all the warmth of a slap in the face. What a contrast with a true leader and Commander in Chief who cares about ALL Americans, not just his political allies! Which President is the real plastic turkey?

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