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John Bolton

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Thank You Third Party Types, You Just Elected Another Corrupt Democrat in Virginia

When will these people learn that going third party only makes thing worse!

And surprise, surprise, Dems foot the bill to boost third party turnout....

From The Blaze:
A major Democratic Party benefactor and Obama campaign bundler helped pay for professional petition circulators responsible for getting Virginia Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Robert C. Sarvis on the ballot — a move that could split conservative votes in a tight race.

Campaign finance records show the Libertarian Booster PAC has made the largest independent contribution to Sarvis’ campaign, helping to pay for professional petition circulators who collected signatures necessary to get Sarvis’ name on Tuesday’s statewide ballot.
Memo to libertarians: stop being used by socialists and seeing your cause set back even further!

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