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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Racist Mockery of Adopted Romney Grandchild

Imagine if someone on Duck Dynasty had said this...

So, Mitt Romney's son Ben and wife Andelyne adopted a son last September. The child happens to be black. For the Romney family Christmas card there is a picture of the entire family with new baby bouncing on Mitt's knee.

Too much to let pass apparently for liberal race baiters at MSNBC who see everything through a prism of race. On a show hosted by Mellissa Harris-Perry guests mocked the Romney baby and went on to joke that the photo represents the entire Republican Party with all these white people and one token black thrown in.

It's important to note that Harris-Perry was one of those who joined in the week long attack on Duck Dynasty before Christmas. But apparently it's OK to make racist attacks on black babies as long as their parents are Republicans.

Just goes to show you why there will likely be little improvement in the civility of our national conversation. The liberals, who seek to dictate the rules of speech and conduct for the rest of us, always set such a low standard for themselves!

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