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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Despite Record Cold and Snow, the Blizzard of Lies on Global Warming Continues

How ridiculous does the weather have to get before the alarmists stop trying to scare us with global warming fears?

The week after the biggest freeze to hit North America in 20 years, Democrats in Washington began a campaign to demand that news outlets do more stories to scare people into believing global warming is real. It seems that after more than thirty years of telling us the world was about to end if we didn't act now by raising taxes on energy (as if that would have the slightest effect on the climate) polls show fewer and fewer Americans are buying the "sky is falling" scaremongering.

So, after receiving instructions from their Democrat masters news media outlets obeyed by ramping up the scaremachine (1,2) just as another record blizzard and cold machine grips an area from the Midwest to the mid-Atlantic and northeast (1,2). Despite telling us for years that lack of snow was proof of global warming the warmongers turn on a dime and tell us exactly the opposite (2), none of which was predicted by the models they claim as proof of their theory.

Anyone up for sledding on the Nile?
Spinx and Pyramids in snow December 2014
And it's not just the United States. When was the last time you saw snow on the Spinx and Pyramids in Egypt? Try, NEVER, as it hasn't happened in more than 100 years. But it did happen in December.

Still, if the numbers of cold and snow events were not so numerous and record breaking you might have to concede they are just weather events. As the L.A. Times editorial which demands action on climate change before it's too late (haven't we heard that one before?) says: "Underlying many of the misperceptions about global warming is the myth that climate — a long-term trend — is the same thing as isolated weather events. " Yet don't the scaremongers trot out every example of  extreme weather to suggest global warming theory is right, even if they predicted just the opposite earlier?

A good example comes from the wildfire started around Los Angeles last week by some homeless men trying to keep warm (it was cold don't you know?). Reporting on the fire, KTTV Meteorologist Rick Dickert said:
DICKERT: We see wildfires every month now in Southern California. With global climate change, all the atmospheric scientists agree that our summers long longer, hotter, and dryer with shorter windows of rain and snow.
Let's put aside the big fib that "all atmospheric scientists agree because they don't. But while there is a severe drought in California, droughts come and go. A recent study in the peer reviewed journal "Nature" concludes there has been "little change in global drought over the past 60 years." And in the United States, droughts are actually less severe than they were during the 30's and 50's. I have to point out that this information comes from the U.S. government, not Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. According to the study in Nature, if anything, drought has been "overestimated." The number of wildfires in the U.S. and the acerage burned is "far below average" as reported in the same L.A. Times whose editorial board wants to scare us into higher taxes on energy. Do the editors not read their own paper?

As I've said before, it's not just wildfires or droughts that are in abeyance. It's all extreme weather events from hurricanes to tornadoes to days over 100 degrees. All exactly the opposite of what warmongers predicted.

Expect the baloney mobile of global warmongering to continue as long as governments and green investors can raise taxes or make a profit from the big scare. The fact that we're freezing and shoveling more snow than ever won't make a dent in their delusion!

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