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Friday, January 10, 2014

Baby Thug Video: How the Cycle of Violence Gripping Black Community Gets It's Start

And liberals have the nerve to criticize the police for pointing this out?

You might have seen the video of a young black toddler being verbally abused by his mother and another male. The uncensored video is here. Repeatedly calling the toddler the "n" word as well as profanity, sexual and gang references is appalling. If you want to know how so many young black males become trapped in a world of meaningless violence this helps to explain it. What kind of life would a child brought up in these conditions have?

 The video, posted by family members because they thought it was cute was picked up by the Omaha, Nebraska Police in an attempt to shame those who would do this to a child. But now, the Police are under attack, even being called "racists" for bringing this shocking video to public attention.

If you want to know why the cycle of devastating violence and despair gripping large sectors of the black community continues to be a chronic problem you can trace the reason back to those who would rather criticize the police for bringing this matter to public attention than condemn this outrageous abuse and work to stop it!

Some good to come out of this story is that the children in the home have been removed by Police. But how many more children are being subjected to the same abuse?

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