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Monday, January 13, 2014

Obama Adds Failed and Incompetent Foreign Policy to His List of Failures

Failure in domestic policy costs jobs and ruins lives. Failure in foreign policy costs lives and threatens war!

Obama was relieved that the news media found a new toy to play with in the Chris Christie bridge scandal. It took the spotlight off the failure of ObamaCare and the abysmal jobs report. As bad as both these domestic policy failures are, they have protected Obama from media scrutiny for a failure in foreign policy that is potentially far worse and potentially deadly.

The revelation in the Bob Gates book touched on the problem by revealing that Obama's decisions in foreign policy were largely driven by political concerns. But the problem goes much deeper than that. After years of saying Al Queda is "on the run" it's become clear that they are on the run to take over as much territory as possible because of a power vacuum resulting from Obama's weak foreign policy. Even the New York Times recognized this in a recent column titled "Power Vacuum in Middle East Lifts Militants."Following the same theme, Peter Bergen writing for CNN says "Al Qaeda controls more territory than ever in Middle East."

Matthew Lee, State Department correspondent for the Associated Press lays it all on Obama's doorstep:

Obama's Grand Plan for the Middle East Fails

Five years after pledging to remake the U.S. relationship with the broader Middle East and improve America's image in the Muslim world, the Obama administration's regional strategy appears to have come unhinged.
[T]here are growing fears that the U.S.'s Mideast policy has become rudderless and reactive, and may be contributing to worsening conditions and a rise of Islamic extremism, notably in Syria and Iraq.
Whether it's Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt or elsewhere in North Africa there is trouble and lots of it. Our allies like the Saudis are openly breaking with the U.S. and our enemies no longer fear us. That's a recipe for disaster and anyone with the slightest knowledge of history knows it. Everyone except Obama and the team of inexperienced academics with which he is surrounded.

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing and now we are on the verge of Al Queda overrunning the Middle East and our friends abandoning us because Obama continues to do nothing. But no matter. In three years Obama will dump the mess into the lap of a Republican President and blame him or her when the inevitable war breaks out!

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