John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

40 Students Dead in Niger Attack and We're Running Out of Excuses for Islamic Terrorism

You can't blame Israel or U.S. foreign policy for this one!

USA Today has the story. In the African nation of Niger Islamic militants went to a co-ed hostel where students in northeast Nigerian college were staying and locked the doors before setting fire to the building. Students who tried to escape through the windows had their throats cut as they tried to escape. Dozens were murdered or burned to death.

The usual suspects in this country, including many in the Obama Administration delude themselves into thinking that terrorism is the result of a reaction to U.S. foreign or military policy or a reaction to Israel. Or perhaps terrorism is fueled by poverty (despite the fact that the top dogs in Al Queda were rich or well off). The thinking is that if we could only find some way to appease terrorists they would behave.

The problem with these excuses is that they ignore the dozens of attacks just like the one in Niger (300 more victims in Niger just this month) where the victims are in no way connected with U.S. foreign policy. About the closest excuse is to blame the West because students want an education. But this unmasks the terrorists true aim. Either we all agree to submit to their demands and be ruled by strict Islamic law or they feel compelled, as a duty, to kill us.

There's no way to use weasel words to escape from that reality though many still refuse to accept it.

Obama claims that terrorists are on the run. He's right. They're running right for us every chance they get. And Obama isn't doing anything to counter the real motivation behind these attacks. Like many on the left he can't bring himself to admit the truth about this enemy!

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