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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Good News for Solar Power?

If the free market makes it economical to go green, then you won't need a government program!

I'll take this article with a grain of salt considering how it's from a pro-green site: Cost Of Solar PV Continues To Plummet. The bottom line is that the cost of manufacturing solar panels is dropping dramatically. While the day has not yet arrived that solar power can compete with conventional energy sources it is possible if the technology and manufacturing efficiency continues to improve.

The best way to improve solar's chances is NOT to shackle the emerging industry to government subsidies. That concept has failed in Europe where electric rates are more than double what they are in the United States. Solar's best long term solution is to stand on it's own.

What happens when government forces solar on homeowners is not always pretty. Last week the U.K. Daily Mail had a story describing homeowners forced to install solar panels who then saw their energy costs rise by over 200% because the technology was flawed.

Get government out of the way and allow the free market to make solar affordable. But  don't make solar affordable by making oil and gas too expensive. That only raises energy costs for the poor and Middle Class.

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