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Saturday, February 01, 2014

No More Excuses. Time to Approve Keystone Pipeline!

With the stroke of Obama's favorite pen he can create new jobs, assure a cleaner environment and step closer to energy independence. What is he waiting for?

Well, we know the answer to the question. The Keystone XL pipeline has taken more than twice as long for approval because environmentalists have been exhausting every tool to stop it in what amounts to a war on oil. One global warming activist went so far as to say that approval of Keystone would mean "game over for the planet." But yet another environmental review (PDF) issued on Friday says that there is little danger to the environment. The irrational protests against the pipeline are mostly symbolic and more inclined to scaremongering than sound environmental policy.

News that this final review was favorable to Keystone was welcomed in Canada where the oil originates:
"This is the fifth federal study on the environmental impact of the Keystone XL pipeline. Each previous one has stated that building Keystone XL would not adversely affect the environment. Today's report confirms once again this result, including no appreciable impact on greenhouse gases," Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said in a statement. "The benefits to the U.S. and Canada are clear. We await a timely decision on this project."
Jack Gerard, CEO and President of the American Petroleum Institute added:
“Five years, five federal reviews, dozens of public meetings, over a million comments and one conclusion ─ the Keystone XL pipeline is safe for the environment,” said Gerard. “This final review puts to rest any credible concerns about the pipeline’s potential negative impact on the environment. This long awaited project should now be swiftly approved. It’s time to put thousands of Americans to work.
No Guarantee Obama Will Act

A statement quietly issued by the White House and not available on the White House web site is very curious:
Obama has said the Keystone project “will be in the national interest only if it does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution,” White House spokesman Matt Lehrich said in a statement last night. “Careful consideration” will be given to “other pertinent information, comments from the public, and views of other agency heads,” he said.
The first part sounds good. The State Department has come to the common sense realization that the oil will be burned one way or another and a pipeline assures the lowest carbon footprint for it's safe transportation. But the second part: “Careful consideration” will be given to “other pertinent information, comments from the public, and views of other agency heads,” is an open invitation to yet more senseless delay.

Failure to approve Keystone means that Democrats stand in the way of good jobs and greater energy security for the American people!

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