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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Democrats Lose Special Congressional Election in Florida that Was Referendum on ObamaCare & Global Warming

A Portent for November!

Democrats pulled out all the stops to win a special election for the 13th Congressional District in Florida. They selected a candidate, Alex Sink, who had won statewide office in Florida and very nearly won the governor's race in 2010. She raised twice what her Republican counterpart David Jolly did and outspent him 4 to 1 on television ads. Top Democrats like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden helped Sink's campaign. The district is one which Obama won in both 2008 and 2012 and one in which registered Democrats outnumber Republicans. For Democrats, this was a "must win" and as Stuart Rothenberg said, it's "the race Democrats can't afford to lose." Political Analyst Larry Sabato rated it as one which leaned Democrat.

On Tuesday night, the Republican, David Jolly won by a narrow margin. The central issue of the campaign was ObamaCare. Jolly is for repeal and replace of the unpopular law and Sink defended it. Democrats who had hoped to win were all set to declare this as a sign of good things to come in November. Now, they're pretending that it never mattered. In a leaked Democrat strategy memo, Dems claimed that they are " now on offense over the Affordable Care Act, putting Republicans on their heels over the costs of their plan to repeal the law altogether.” Dems also claimed that the "political landscape … has shifted in Democrats’ favor" because of ObamaCare. They might want to rethink their strategy!

It is a sign of good things to come for Republicans when a little known underfunded challenger beats a well financed Democrat with statewide name recognition in a swing district that trended Democrat. It's a bad sign for Democrats, including incumbent Senators, in swing states or those which favor Republicans in presidential election. The forecast now is for a Republican takeover of the Senate and gains in the House. All thanks to ObamaCare!

UPDATE: Jolly survived the global warming attack machine!

Reports that extreme environmentalists, allies to Democrats and candidate Alex Sink pulled out all the stops to paint David Jolly as an "irresponsible" climate denier who lobbied for oil companies to... wait for it... DRILL for oil in the senstive offshore surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. Non stop attack ads and damning editorials weren't enough to scare people into voting for Sink.

Do the Democrats not know that climate change, particularly the global warming hoax, ranks at the bottom of voter's concerns?

This election was a referendum on ObamaCare AND global warming. Democrats lost on both issues. Bring it on for November!

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