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Friday, March 14, 2014

Fascist Professor of Pornography and Prostitution Violently Attacks Free Speech Rights of Pro Life Protesters

Another defender of tolerance and diversity who denies free speech rights to others!

I recently sent a Letter to the Editor to my local newspaper which they were kind enough to print:
Have you noticed how often those on the left assume an air of smug intellectual superiority? They believe themselves to be so smart and feel those on the right are not just wrong, but dumb, or worse. If they are confident of their arguments, why do they want to shut down or shout down opposing views?

This habit is brazenly prevalent at what used to be called institutions of higher learning. One student at Harvard went so far as to say that "academic justice," as defined by her, was more important than academic freedom and that certain research or speech not in line with her definition should be discouraged. There are other numerous examples where conservative speech at universities has been shouted down by those who feel it is not just their right, but duty, to deny free speech to those with whom they disagree.

Charles Krauthammer wrote a column for the Washington Post in which he pointed out the obvious inconsistencies between global warming theory and 30 years of climate records. Believers demanded that the Post not print the article. They say the "science is settled" and "the debate is over" despite the fact that their predictions have all gone bust. If their case really was rock solid, what are they afraid of?

The above are examples of a conscious effort to de-legitimize political dissent. There's a name for such efforts, it's called fascism. Our Founding Fathers would be appalled, as should all persons of goodwill.
Had space permitted I could have gone on and on with other examples such as the one provided by Mireille Miller-Young. Ms. Miller-Young is an Associate Professor in the Feminist Studies Department (and you wondered why today's college graduates can't get a job) at the University of California Santa Barbara. According to her official UCSB web page, the professors area of study includes "pornography and sex work." She makes a good living at taxpayer expense promoting pornography and prostitution. No doubt she considers her free speech rights paramount in enabling her to follow this career path.

Apparently, she has less respect for the free speech rights of those with whom she disagrees. On March 4, Ms. Miller-Young encountered a group of young Pro-Life protesters. The women, mostly teenage and early 20's, were passing out literature in a designated "free speech zone" at UCSB and had signs showing what happens to a fetus that is aborted. The Professor began arguing with the women and urged others not to listen and to shut the Pro-life group down.

21 year old Joan Short, who was passing out flyers with her sister Thrin, age 16, describes what happened:
As the woman's shouts of “millions of children in Africa,” “my body,” “foster-care system,” etc. got louder and louder, a crowd of students gathered around. I could tell that Thrin wasn't getting on very well with the woman, but I still didn't want to interrupt because she is probably just as experienced as I am. If the students could hear what Thrin was saying, then they would be able to judge who was speaking rationally. I walked along the outer fringes of the crowd, asking what they thought. One girl said, "I'm just listening; that's my professor."

The professor was really working the crowd, letting any student ask a question, but not letting Thrin answer anything thoroughly. The professor shouted, "We don't need to listen to these people. They don't have our permission to be here. Should we tear down their sign?" She rallied the crowd of about fifteen to chant, "Tear down this sign! Tear down this sign!"
Next, Miller-Young pulled the sign away from one of the women, handed it to two other students and they walked away. Several of the girls followed in an attempt to get their sign back and were physically assaulted by Miller-Young. The video is on You Tube. Police were called to investigate and found the sign had been destroyed. 16 year old Thrin was left with bruises and scratches on her arm.

Miller-Young told the pro-life women and girls that she had a "moral right" to deny their free speech. Ironic that she would be the first to vociferously defend her own free speech rights to teach pornography and prostitution which others might find morally offensive. Welcome to the world of left wing fascists!

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