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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fed's Massive Overreaction at Bundy's Nevada Ranch Makes Me Wonder What Obama Has in Store for the Rest of Us?

Specifically, why is the federal government buying billions of rounds of ammunition for domestic agencies?

Whatever you think about Cliven Bundy's refusal to pay grazing fees on land his family has ranched on since 1880, did it really justify the government's massive show of armed force at the Nevada ranch last week? Were hundreds of heavily armed officers, attack dogs, tasers and helicopters really necessary to round up a few hundred cattle or is something else going on here? If the message from the federal government was one of intimidation, it both succeeded and backfired. What's really going on?

A few photos to tell the story. First, just a fraction of the heavily armed units besieging the Bundy ranch:

Next, the patriots who rode out to show their support for Bundy, his family, State's Rights and the American Way:

Another reason the Bureau of Land Management is pushing Bundy off the land his family has used for generations is that the Bureau wants to use the land to protect the desert tortoise. Why the sudden heightened federal interest in turtles? Because the Bureau of Land Management has opened up large ares of land adjacent to the Bundy ranch for the development of "green" energy solar projects.  Turtles are being moved off land used for industrial scale development and put on land the Bundy's use to graze cows. By a strange coincidence many of these firms happen to be campaign contributors to President Obama and the Democrats who also receive federal subsidies for their projects.

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at Heart of Scandal

Here's another photo which makes things clearer:

Sen. Reid (DEMOCRAT-NV) at far right breaks ground and digs up the home of the desert tortoise as
his "green" campaign contributors begin work on solar power site in Nevada desert.

 Sen. Reid's ties to "green" energy in return for campaign green are clear (1,2,3). What's really at stake in the Bundy standoff is an attempt to push out the ranchers and make way for more environmentally intrusive projects for Reid and the Democrat's campaign contributors.

With the federal government buying billions of rounds of ammunition(1,2) there's sure to be a version of the Bundy ranch near you. All for the sake of green energy or whatever other excuse the corruptocrats come up with!

P.S. If federal government sent hundreds of armed agents to Bundy's ranch because he owes grazing fees, why has the federal government not sent the same response after Al Sharpton and his National Action Network which owes $1.9 million in back taxes and fees? Why did Obama honor that group with a high profile visit last week?

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