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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Obama's Hypocrisy on Women's Pay and Cynical Manipulation of the Ill Informed

Lying about women's pay inequality is a cynical political ploy that will only work on those who already vote Democrat!

It's not math. It's a LIE!
So, the November congressional election is little more than 200 days away. Obama can't talk about the weak economy or ObamaCare or foreign policy so he has to change the subject. What better way to do it than dip into his bag of tricks and start dividing the country into various groups and factions claiming only he has their best interest at heart. This week it's women's pay inequality. He won't mention that under his Administration, women's employment has been hit hardest of all after black Americans. So, he has to distort the truth and make up another lie. He's had lots of practice doing so.

Jonathon Karl of ABC News nailed White House Spokesman Jay Carney on the subject:
KARL: Jay, I just want to clarify, to come back to this inequality issue. The president cited census data that women on average make 77 percent of what men make. Why is that an example or evidence of discrimination in the workforce at large, but it’s not evidence of discrimination when women here at the White House make 88 percent of what men here at the White House make?
Other White House defenders have pointed out that many of the women who work in the White House do menial work like maids, dishwashers, receptionists and telephone operators. Hardly a defense of Obama's attitudes towards women in the workplace. It's no surprise that a former top female aide described the Obama White House as a "genuinely hostile workplace to women." Another said she "felt like a piece of meat."

The Washington Post gives Obama two Pinocchios for his misleading statistics. Well, at least it isn't another Obama "lie of the year" like so much of ObamaCare.

Of course Obama's own indifference to women in the workplace or the facts of women's pay will not stop him from repeating the lie over and over. After all, what else does he have to run on in November but scares, lies and distortions?

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