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John Bolton

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Friday, May 30, 2014

White House Spokesman Resigns but Blizzard of Lies Set to Continue

The real problem is the lack of honesty coming from Obama!

After three years twisting the truth for Obama as White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has resigned with the usual excuse that he wanted to spend more time with his family. In recent months Carney had lost much of his credibility with the White House Press Corps. On issues like ObamaCare, Benghazi or the VA scandal mainstream reporters like ABC's Jonathon Karl have been hammering (1,2) Carney for the obvious untruths in White House spin.

Carney leaves officially in June but expect to see more of Josh Earnest, currently a deputy, as he takes over.

The face at the podium may change and perhaps the White House Press Corps will cut the new guy some slack. But one thing hasn't changed and it's the Obama Administration's desire to shade the truth to avoid accountability and seek political advantage in every situation. It's no secret that what was billed as "the most transparent Administration in history" has a problem telling the truth when the facts are politically damaging. With one poll showing 61% believe that Barack Obama lies some or most of the time on “important matters" a change at the podium won't change the real problem.

With more than two and a half years of lies coming from the top we will all just have to hold our nose and wait for it to be over! 

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