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John Bolton

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Friday, May 09, 2014

Why Didn't Hillary Clinton Declare Nigerian Kidnappers of 300 Girls as Terrorists When It Might Have Mattered?

Had she done so, it may have been possible to prevent the kidnapping!

There wasn't outrage when the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram torched a school killing 59 male pupils. Now, with the abduction of 300 girls at another school people finally seem to be paying attention.

But long before this latest outrage there were many seeking to label these monsters as a terrorist group. Hillary Clinton was the one person who could have done something about it and she refused. The Daily Caller has the story.

Hillary hasn't been shy in declaring the kidnapping as a terrorist act. But will she say "what difference does it make" as she did regarding the Benghazi attack to explain away the earlier indifference of the State Department she led for four years? Or will she claim that it was an Internet video which led to these atrocities?

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