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Friday, June 06, 2014

#Bergdahl Firestorm the Result of Frat Boy Foreign Policy. There is No Gravitas in Obama White House!

What were they thinking? Were they thinking at all?

The White House effort to change the subject from the disaster at the Veteran's Administration backfired explosively this week. Ron Fournier writing at the National Journal said "the White House has undermined its credibility – again –by confusing governing with campaigning." As Fournier notes, it isn'[t the first time that Obama has put politics before good policy. And this wasn't even good politics. Fournier continues "It was no secret that the Taliban's capture of Bergdahl was complicated by evidence that he abandoned his unit. Many people in government long considered the soldier a deserter or traitor." Yet military objections were overruled by the White House as Time Magazine reports and told to "suck it up and salute."

Then Susan Rice, famous for the phony Benghazi talking points which sought to blame a video for the attacks, went again on the Sunday news shows and proclaimed that Bergdahl "served with honor and distinction." Perhaps she too thought the media would suck it up and salute the same way they have over Benghazi and other Obama scandals. But the liberal media didn't get the message. As I record in my earlier post on this subject, the New York Times was out in front reporting on outrage expressed by soldiers in Bergdahl's unit who saw the Administration effort to proclaim him a hero rather differently in the light of the deaths of the soldiers who went to rescue the deserter. CNN has also had some heavy hitting questions for Rice which she dodged just like Benghazi.

An Outrage a Day Keeps the Fox News at Bay?

The current White House media strategy is to hope that they can turn this into another repeat of the "phony scandals" meme they have used so effectively before. Politico reports that they believe that outside of Fox News and Republicans in Congress the story will fade from public attention. Perhaps the whiz kids at the White House have already cooked up the next scandal to take the place of this one that takes the place of the VA scandal.

But this raises the issue of just who is in charge at the White House? Kimberly Strassel writing in the Wall Street Journal describes how the process of formulating national security in the Obama White House has become corrupted by politics. Particularly, aides who served on Obama's campaigns in political capacities have been the dominant force in developing policy. This includes former Obama campaign bus driver Tommy Vietor who landed a slot as spokesman for national security. Vietor is famous for saying "dude, this was two years ago" when asked about his role in shaping the talking points about the Benghazi attack that Susan Rice repeated on the Sunday programs.

And it isn't just the "dude" comment that brings to mind Vietor's lack of gravitas. Here is is at a bar in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington pounding down beers frat boy style with other White House aides:

Is it any wonder current National Security Adviser Susan Rice comes out and perpetuates obvious fallacies when the White House machine behind her so clearly lacks the judgement, experience and seriousness to give her and the President good advice?

Ultimately, Obama whining about the Bergdahl backlash is yet another example of the incompetence, inexperience and lack of seriousness in the Obama Administration. They're sole focus on politics might have worked in the short run but that time has passed. They look more clownish by the day!

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