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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

@GOPLEADER Defeat in VA Primary a Victory for the Tea Party and Defeat for Immigration Amnesty

Establishment Washington insiders are eating crow tonight!

The establishment political class in Washington is in a dither tonight. After weeks of saying the Tea Party is dead, the victory of an unknown, underfunded challenger in Virginia defeating 12 term Majority Leader of the House Eric Cantor is a stunning rebuke. The final result is 55% David Brat, 44% Eric Cantor.

Cantor spent $5 million vs. $200,000 for Brat!

The major issue in the turnaround was immigration. Brat warned Cantor and establishment GOP would endorse amnesty. This should be a clear warning to other Republicans to tackle border security first before talking about other immigration issues.

Libs will now have to revert to their standby mantra that the Tea Party runs the GOP. That's not true either but heck, why start telling the truth now?

South Carolina: Tea Party opposition to Lindsey Graham split six ways. That's no proof of Tea Party weakness but Graham's luck that primary opposition did not coalesce around a single candidate.

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