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Friday, June 13, 2014

Key IRS Scandal Emails Lost: Obama's Scandal/Crisis a Day Keeps Accountability Away

What a great strategy. Flood the zone with bad news every day and you'll never be held accountable. Unless you're a Republican!

It's one thing after another. Solyndra, Fast and Furious, IRS Tea Party, Wiretapping reporters, Veterans Administration, Berdgdahl Taliban swap and now the collapse of Iraq. Hard to keep up with it all even if you are paying attention and most Americans are so dumbed down they don't.

In the midst of this scandal du jour we learn Friday that the IRS has "lost" key emails Lois Lerner sent during the critical period in which the Tea Party was suppressed. This comes after Obama and the Democrats repeatedly claimed that they had cooperated fully with congressional investigations and handed over all relevant documents.

Richard Nixon was forced to resign from office in large part because it was claimed that key Oval Office recordings had been accidentally erased. Emails that might show a direct White House link to the IRS Tea Party scandal disappear and somehow that's not an impeachable offense?

If you lost key documents relevant to your tax return how would the IRS view that? Isn't it past time that a Special Prosecutor was appointed to examine the IRS/Tea Party scandal? But Obama and his Department of Injustice will refuse to appoint one!

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