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Monday, June 30, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the Democrat's Billionaires

He must think the people are stupid. Well, he might have a point when talking about the low information voters on his side!

Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader has a Koch problem. The Kochs are two brothers whose companies employ over 60,000 Americans in good paying jobs. Their crime, according to Harry Reid, is that they also contribute to GOP and libertarians political causes. At last count, Reid decried the influence of the Koch brothers at least 134 times:

Most of these denunciations were done from the floor of the U.S. Senate. You would think Harry Reid would have something better to do with his time like bring up the 40 jobs bills passed by the House of Representatives that could help boost our ailing economy. But Harry doesn't have time for that.

Reid: "Democrats Don't Have Any Billionaires!"

Harry was at it again when he claimed that Republican billionaires are the problem and that Democrats don't "have any billionaires." That was too much even for many Democrats (you can imagine how their billionaires felt) and Harry got smacked down by fact checking news sites like Politifact which pointed out that Democrats actually have MORE BILLIONAIRES working on their behalf this year.

Not that this will stop Harry from misleading (or lying if you prefer). He knows most people only hear the headline that the GOP is supported by billionaires so he says it again and again and again. Of course many of these same folks gullible enough to swallow that whopper don't know who Harry Reid is either but what does it matter as long as they get the faulty impression that everything the GOP is doing is on behalf of these evil billionaires.

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