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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

It's Like Attacking Mother Teresa: Obama and the Left's War on Nuns. A Perfect Example of a War on Women.

Attacking those who dedicate their lives to taking care of the poor and the sick is something only liberals could do!

The Little Sisters of the Poor is a group of nuns who dedicate their lives to serving the poor, sick and the elderly. They work around the world and operate 31 homes, assisted living and nursing facilities in North America for low income persons of any race or religion. It's a mission of mercy and compassion that is sorely needed.

The Little Sisters are a Catholic organization and objected to some provisions of ObamaCare requiring the nuns to offer birth control methods that the nuns feel violates their religious beliefs. So, Obama unleashed the full force and power of the Federal government to force the nuns to knuckle under. Their case is currently pending before the Supreme Court.

NOW, the National Organization for Women isn't satisfied with the slow pace of the judicial process. In the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision where the Supreme Court decided a business cannot be forced to provide ALL contraception methods (Hobby Lobby pays 100% of 16 methods. Not good enough for the left) NOW has put out a list of the DIRTY 100 groups that are trying to protect their right to religious freedom. Included in that list is the Little Sisters who are prominently named in an odd graphic below featuring a rope in the shape of a womb.

Question for NOW: Since you object to the Little Sisters of the Poor, are you willing to step in and provide compassionate daily care to the poor, sick and elderly? No? I didn't think so. NOW's attack is beyond shameful and disgusting but then that's who they are. They are not only waging a war on women, but a war on the poor, the elderly and the sick!

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