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Monday, August 18, 2014

As Facts Emerge, Shooting in #Ferguson Takes on Different Look

Not that this will make the slightest difference to those intent on looting, violence or promoting a political agenda!

Autopsy results as well as other information have come out in the past few days that paint a different story from the one being promoted in much of the media. I'll summarize quickly but give you the links for more details.

First, prior to the shooting of Michael Brown, the teen is acknowledged to have committed a strong arm robbery at a convenience store where he stole Swisher Sweets, a cigar product used to make marijuana "blunt." Brown who was 6'5" tall and over 200 pounds is shown to be physically threatening and pushing the store clerk. Autopsy results released today show marijuana is Brown's system.

Autopsy results also show Brown was shot from the front, not from the back and suggest that he did not have his hands in the air to surrender. Story from Dorian Johnson, Brown's accomplice in the store robbery is not supported by this information. The media ran with stories from Johnson and created the false impression that Brown had surrendered when he was shot.

Instead, we learn later that one witness to the shooting made a video live at the scene and describes how Brown was rushing the officer.

So, Brown was NOT surrendering, NOT shot in the back, most likely high on pot. But that's not the story many on the left want you to hear.

Meanwhile, the looting, violence and vandalism continues as racebaiters and communists use the incident to promote their agenda. Some Ferguson citizens have rallied to the defense of the Police Officer involved, but you aren't likely to hear their voice in the national media.

Finally, Attorney General Eric Holder is heading to Ferguson. No doubt his visit will be followed by a Democrat Party voter registration drive. This isn't about justice for Michael Brown. It's about using his killing to stoke racial division in the run up to the November election!

UPDATE: Attorney General Holder sends 40 FBI Agents to Ferguson to investigateMeanwhile, in Chicago last weekend 7 were killed and 28 wounded in shootings. No FBI to track down their killers.

UPDATE 2: More than a dozen witnesses support police version of events. Audio of radio caller gives Policeman Darren Wilson version.

UPDATE 3: Democrats erect voter registration booth near Brown Memorial. Tell me this isn't all about politics!

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