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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Video: Obama Repeatedly Claimed Credit for Getting U.S. Troops Out of Iraq but Now Denies It Was His Decision

Either he thinks the American people are stupid or he's been lying so long he doesn't even know the truth when he sees it!

Lately Obama has been taking a lot of heat for abandoning Iraq. The consequences of that policy can be seen in the genocide and the beheading of children by ISIS. But Obama wants you to think he's got nothing to do with our withdrawal. This is the President who bragged about ending the war and pulling out U.S. troops:

Last week Obama responded to the criticism of his failed policy by suggesting he had nothing to do with it. Rich Lowry writing in the New York Post:
At a press availability over the weekend about his new bombing campaign, the president kvetched about all those people who keep insisting that he ended the Iraq War: “What I just find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up, as if this was my decision.”

It is true that the Bush administration had agreed to end our troop presence, and if we were going to stay, Obama had to negotiate a new “status of forces agreement” with the Iraqis.

Why it didn’t happen is a complicated question, and Iraqi resistance is part of the answer.
But Obama was perfectly content with the outcome.

“The leaders of all the major Iraqi parties had privately told American commanders that they wanted several thousand military personnel to remain, to train Iraqi forces and to help track down insurgents,” according to a definitive account in The New Yorker by Dexter Filkins.
Obama was “ambivalent about retaining even a small force in Iraq,” Filkins writes.

American officials negotiating with the Iraqis were left without guidance from the White House for months, and when Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki offered to sign an executive agreement — bypassing the problematic Iraq parliament — the administration said “no.” Filkins quotes an Iraqi politician: “The American attitude was: Let’s get out of here as quickly as possible.”
Obama's complete withdrawal from Iraq was a political, not a military, decision and we see the result. Now he's trying to hide from the consequences of his actions and avoid the political fallout he deserves. Will it work? Not with anyone who cares about what is happening to the innocent children in Iraq!

P.S. Where are the lefties who professed to care so much about the children of Gaza? Are Iraqi children less human or just less useful as political fodder for a left wing agenda?

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