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John Bolton

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Monday, September 08, 2014

Bill Clinton: George W. Bush Did What He Thought Was Right Without Concern for Politics or Party

I doubt we'll hear Bill say the same thing about Obama!

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush got together on Monday to announce a new leadership program in conjunction with their presidential foundations. The goal of the program is to bring "motivated leaders across all sectors an opportunity to study presidential leadership and decision making and learn from key administration officials, practitioners, and leading academics." The full video of the event is here. In between a series of humorous exchanges between the two ex-Presidents was this serious remark Bill Clinton made about George W. Bush. If the player below does not work, clickhere.

CLINTON: "When he decided what he thought was right, he went for it. Sometimes I didn't agree with what he thought was right. But, I recognize that he was doing what he thought was right not what he thought the politics of the moment required or what the constituencies even within his own party required."

Nope... Bill will never say that about Obama. So many examples of where Obama has been seen to act solely for political purposes, the latest being his delay in granting promised amnesty to illegal aliens to help vulnerable Democrats in the fall election.

Clinton also said that as President, Bush would call him a couple of times a year and have an extended talk. Bill said the talks "meant a lot to me." Bush was, and still is, a class act!

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