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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Will Scotland Split? Thursday Vote on Independence Looms

UPDATE: Scotland said NO to Independence, Yes to the United Kingdom. 55-45%

Will nationalism and ethnic identity trump common sense?

After Thursday the United Kingdom may be united no more. After more than 300 years of union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland Scotland votes on Thursday over the question of Independence.

Polling shows Scottish voters are evenly split though there are concerns that the polling may be way off.

Nationalism and ethnic identity combined with centuries old resentment of the English is driving the vote. But Scots must also know that separation would be no bed of roses. Their economy would no longer be stabilized by the British Pound. Large businesses, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, have threatened to leave Scotland if the vote for Independence carries.

Scotland would also no longer be part of NATO and this would weaken Britain, America's strongest ally.

Also, Britain would be forced to create a new flag that omits the Scottish influence.

One upside would be that if Scotland, which has a majority of left wing Labour Members of Parliament leaves, then Conservatives in the Britain that remains will have a much stronger position.

Finally, Queen Elizabeth II would remain Queen of Scotland but in another year as she surpasses Queen Victoria's record for longest serving British Monarch her legacy would be tarnished by the loss.

An article in the UK Daily Mail lays out other large questions.

On the one hand it would be interesting to see how such a separation proceeds and whether it backfires on those who are pushing it. On the other, it would be a move that weakens both parties.

I would vote NO!

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