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Thursday, October 16, 2014

As Election Approaches Obama's Sinking Ship Takes on More Water

More of his good friends now wonder what is he thinking?

Editorials in both the L.A. Times and NY Daily News again question Obama's competence to lead and manage government. This is especially so in what can only be called a season of Obama scandals and bad news. The Veterans Administration scandal breaks only to be replaced by the horrors of the ISIS surge followed by Ebola in the United States. What's next? It doesn't seem anyone is minding the store in the White House.

Speaking of ISIS, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, who can usually be counted on to be one of Obama's top cheerleaders has had enough:
WASHINGTON -- It's not too soon to state the obvious: At this point, the war against the Islamic State can only be seen as failing.

U.S.-led air power has barely been able to keep the jihadist militants from capturing the Syrian town of Kobane, near the Turkish border -- and the besieged city may yet fall. Far to the southeast, Islamic State fighters have come within a few miles of Baghdad and threaten to consolidate their control of the vast Anbar Province, the Sunni heartland of Iraq. The self-proclaimed "caliphate" remains intact and its forces are advancing.

Intervention by the world's mightiest military force has produced no shock and no awe. To be sure, U.S. and coalition airstrikes are inflicting some damage on Islamic State troops and equipment. But the bombing has done virtually nothing to alter the strategic balance of power -- or to boost the fortunes of our ostensible allies on the ground, the "moderate" Syrian rebels and the hapless Iraqi military.
The Obama administration responds that its strategy will take time to implement. In Kerry's words: "We expect, as we have said, there will be ups and downs."

But patience is justified only if there is a reasonable expectation that the myriad political obstacles barring the path toward success can be overcome. I'm not sure whether the president and his aides are guilty of optimism or self-delusion.
Obama knew from the beginning that these -- and other -- problems in Iraq and Syria are essentially political and can't be solved by military action alone.

So tell me again: What, exactly, do we think our bombs are accomplishing?
Meanwhile, the slaughter of innocents in the streets of Syria and outside Baghdad continues unabated!

Poll: Obama Taking Us to Hell in a Handbasket!

Responding to critics, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest insists: "What’s evident, I think, from this president’s leadership style is that he’s focused on solving problems." Really? What problems, has Obama solved. It seems everywhere you look things are getting worse. A new poll shows 58 percent of voters feel things in the world are “going to hell in a handbasket.”

In the few weeks left before November's midterm congressional election it's clear Obama hasn't got the right stuff to lead his party let alone lead the country. Democrats in tight races across the U.S. are refusing to even admit they voted for him. But as Ronald Reagan once said, they can run but they can't hide!

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