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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Mapping Obama's Failure in Syria and Iraq

Pinprick bombing does little to stop ISIS!

As a follow up to this earlier post we have these two charts from the BBC showing the intensity of U.S. airstrikes against ISIS:

Hardly a shock and awe bombing campaign it's been called "shock and yawn." Contrast the above with more serious U.S. war efforts in the past where hundreds of strikes would take place in the first few days of an air campaign. Is it any wonder this air campaign is having little effect? Analysis by the Associated Press concludes that Obama's strategy has "hardly dented the core of the Islamic State group's territory."

This week the Pentagon predicts that ISIS will take control of the Syrian city of Khobani putting tens of thousands of civilians at risk.  A U.N. report documents that nearly 10,000 civilians have already been killed by ISIS and thousands more Iraq troops massacred.

Jimmy Carter: Obama Waited Too Long!

It's pretty bad when even Jimmy Carter thinks you are weak. In an interview with a Texas newspaper Carter described a string of errors made by Obama.

Obviously Obama's stated goal of destroying ISIS isn't possible with the current approach. Yet, when Obama visited the Pentagon on Wednesday he refused to accept the recommendations from the generals for a more robust approach. Doubling down on dumb doesn't seem to bother him.

So, he's off for several days of fundraisers. He's already held 56 fundraisers this year. Obviously holding on to political power is more important to him than maintaining America's national security!

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