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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Purveyor of GOP War on Women Fiction Calls Oklahoma Beheading "Workplace Violence"

Here's the perfect example of a real war on women and this liberal columnist is so blinded by left wing ideology she refuses to acknowledge it!

Alton Nolen, who renamed himself Jah' Keem Yisrael was suspended from his job at a Moore Oklahoma food processing plant after arguing with workers while insisting that women should be stoned to death for offenses against Islam. He returned later that day and beheaded one woman at the plant and was attacking another while shouting Islamic phrases until he was shot by the owner of the company.

On his Facebook page Nolen glorified beheadings in the name of Islam and declared "jihad, jihad, jihad." But apparently that's not enough to convince some who want to downplay the threat of terrorism:

Melissa Harris-Perry "It is a story that I read as workplace violence story. "

Stoning women, beheading and knife attacks is "workplace violence?" But Harris-Perry wants you to believe that the Republican Party is waging a "war on women." (1,2) It's another perfect example of how corrupted by left wing ideology some on the left have become.

In the end, it's all politics for people like Harris-Perry.  Admitting jihad has come to America might lower Obama's poll numbers further. Much better to continue pushing the lie that the GOP is the real threat to women!

P.S. 19 year old Brendan Tevlin was gunned down by a Muslim seeking revenge because of U.S. foreign policy. His murder wasn't called terrorism either. Of course Nidal Hassan's murderous rampage at Fort Hood Texas was also labeled workplace violence. And the murder at a Little Rock Arkansas Army recruiting center wasn't considered a terrorist attack either. All the killers were Muslims with an axe to grind.

UPDATE:  Arabic Man Asks Suspicious Questions at OK High School.

News report from Moore Oklahoma, site of beheading last week, describes an Arabic man who entered a high school in that city and asked how many police guards were on campus and how near the police station was. No doubt Harris-Perry will describe this as a case of tourist curiosity!

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