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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Victim of Ferguson Rioters Finds Justice in Kindness of American People

Nancy Dubose's dream of owning a bakery was shattered by looters but restored by the generosity of the American people!

Nancy Dubose, a single mom with two children, had a dream. She loved to bake and wanted to open her own business in Ferguson, Missouri. She sold cakes on weekends to save money to open her shop and finally achieved the dream in June. Then the trouble started. For weeks after the Michael Brown shooting not a single customer walked through the door. Then, after the Grand Jury announcement rioters broke the windows of her shop and damaged her equipment.

After viewing the damage tears run down Nancy's face as she wonders whether her dream has been shattered:

Nancy isn't alone. 25 businesses destroyed, damaged or looted in Ferguson were minority owned. Thanks to the rioters scores of workers are out of jobs right before the holidays. Where is their justice?

Fortunately, Nancy is going to be OK. Some kind soul set up an internet funding campaign to raise money to restore Nancy's shop. As of this writing over $109,000 has been contributed by over 3,500. The amount may go much higher after Rush Limbaugh gave out the address on his radio show Wednesday afternoon. Something tells me that Al Sharpton is not among those contributing to restore Nancy's dream!

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