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John Bolton

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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Dems Call Me to Ask Me to Vote

I don't know how I get on their call list but it provides no end of amusement!

Earlier this week I got a recorded message from SC Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn telling me how Obama and the blacks had been insulted by Republicans "from day one." Not as edgy as some of the racist stuff we've seen elsewhere but I don't suppose they know my race anymore than they think I'm a Democrat.

This afternoon I got a call from local Democrats asking me if I had voted. I said no. The young woman asked if I planned to and I said "I don't see the point. Obama has done such a bad job and Democrats are going to lose anyway. We might as well all stay home." I hope I didn't discourage her too much!

Now that I've had my fun I'm off to vote. I won't be voting for any Democrats!

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