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Friday, November 21, 2014

Obama Gives Voters a Slap in the Face And Invokes Constitutional Crisis with Lawless Unilateral Immigration Move

Blacks and other low skilled Americans will feel the pinch as employment opportunities goes to newly legal workers!

Like ObamaCare, acting unilaterally without any bipartisan support in congress Obama's unilateral act on immigration is intended to be divisive. An act of this magnitude taken solely by Presidential fiat is unprecedented, reckless and a danger to democracy. Imagine the decades of bad feelings generated between Hispanics and Americans because of the way Obama rammed this down our throats.

Blacks will be hardest hit (1,2) as competition for less skilled jobs that black rely on just got harder. And some Hispanic leaders are not happy because Obama's action still leaves six million "in the shadows" with all the negatives Obama described as rationale for his action. They demand a total amnesty and with no way to stop Obama's dictatorial moves they might get it.

As in other domestic and foreign policy missteps the Obama gang doesn't seem to have thought through the consequences of such a unilateral action. David Gergen, writing at CNN:
President Obama's executive order on immigration seems to move us into uncharted, dangerous waters.
the challenges of immigration policy do not represent a national emergency, nor do they touch upon the military authorities of a president. Rather, they represent the chronic, abysmal failures of politicians in Washington to govern well from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.
As Mark Krikorian writes in National Review, the Reagan and Bush examples were presidents trying to implement congressional directives, as is constitutionally permissible, whereas the current action is the President telling Congress "I'm going to implement my own directives."
Against the spirit of the Constitution

One can argue whether this executive order is legal, but it certainly violates the spirit of the founders. They intentionally focused Article One of the Constitution on the Congress and Article Two on the president. That is because the Congress is the body charged with passing laws and the president is the person charged with faithfully carrying them out.
For a president to toss aside such deep traditions of governance is a radical, imprudent step. When a president in day-to-day operations can decide which laws to enforce and which to ignore, where are the limits on his power? Where are the checks and balances so carefully constructed in the Constitution?
Sadly, we instead have an action from the White House that will cast a dark shadow over prospects for legislative cooperation, falls short of what the immigrant population had hoped and steers us into deep, unknown waters in our governance.
Existing immigration law specifically forbids the kind of action Obama is taking:
No major change may be implemented unless the Congress specifically provides, in an appropriations or other Act, for funds for implementation of the change.
Obama is in clear violation of the law but who will stop him? It's the act of a dictator!

You might have seen the video below where Obama describes his limitations under law that were swept away last night. Here is a better produced version:

May 5, 2010: Obama: "Anybody Who Tells You It's Going To Be Easy Or I Can Wave A Magic Wand And Make It Happen Hasn't Been Paying Attention How This Town Works."

July 1, 2010: Obama: "I Believe Such An Indiscriminate Approach Would Be Both Unwise And Unfair. … This Could Lead To A Surge In More Illegal Immigration."

October 25, 2010: Obama: "I Am Not King. I Can't Do These Things Just By Myself."

March 28, 2011 Obama:"With Respect To The Notion That I Can Just Suspend Deportations Through Executive Order, That's Just Not The Case."

March 28, 2011 Obama: "There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as President."

April 20, 2011: Obama: "I Can't Do It By Myself. We're Going To Have To Change The Laws In Congress…"

There are SO MANY more but you get the point!
Obama's unilateral action is a big flip of the finger to American voters who only weeks ago said STOP! We have a lawless President prepared to do whatever he wants and to hell with the Constitution!

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