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John Bolton

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Man Who Conducted Enhanced Interrogations of KSM Slams Critics and Senate Report

Had the CIA not got the information that saved lives Senate Democrats would also be blaming this guy!

That bogus Senate Dem report on torture has taken up a week's worth of national news. During that time atrocities like the massacre of Muslim schoolchildren in Pakistan seem to less important than the waterboarding of JUST THREE of the very worst terrorists.

Also, that Senate Dem report failed to give anyone at CIA the chance to respond and released names and information which puts their lives at risk. One man, Dr. James Mitchell decided to speak out. Senate Dems never contacted him or allowed him to present his side of the story but he does so in an interview with Megyn Kelly. This is the condensed version with the final part.

If you want to know what really happened to these terrorists that Dems call "torture" watch this and learn:

Now you know why Senate Dems didn't want to hear from Dr. Mitchell or others at CIA. The truth might get in the way of the big lie that the Bush Administration was engaged in widespread torture!

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