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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Obama Unhinged: Politico Finds Obama Out for "Revenge" and Seeks to "Punish" Republicans

Does this sound like the kind of talk you would expect from a guy who claims he wants to work with both sides?

Writing at Politico Glenn Thrush notes that Obama will continue to make "the usual let’s-work-together" noises in press conferences and speeches but behind the scenes, Obama's is engaging in a take no prisoners strategy of confrontation and attack. Nothing new you say, but it is. On issues across the board Obama's stand on things like race, immigration and Cuba policy are more divisive and confrontational than in the past. Obama's got nothing to lose and he's hell bent on doubling down on the politics of attack even when the targets are members of his own party.

Deep down, Obama has always been a Chicago thug politician. In 2010 he told an Hispanic audience that political motivation should be to "punish our enemies..reward our friends." Yet the minute some Republican attacks him you'll hear him whine sanctimoniously about the need for civility in debate and can't we all get along. Then of course whoever criticizes him is a racist!

Obama is signaling that despite the massive GOP win in November he intends to continue ramming through policies that he knows the majority of Americans, as they expressed their will at the ballot box, oppose. He doesn't care. His legacy will be as the most divisive President EVER. As a result expect race relations and the partisan divide to worsen. Not that Obama cares!

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