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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Contrast Bush's Gracious Recognition of Dem Victory in 2007 State of the Union Speech to Obama

Bush is a class act. Obama never misses an opportunity to be small and petty!

Tuesday's State of the Union speech was attended by the largest number of Republican legislators in both houses of Congress since the 1920's. You might have thought that deserved some mention from Obama. Instead, all he did was make a snarky remark about how he had won two elections.

Contrast that with these opening lines from George W. Bush's State of the Union speech in 2007. Dems had just won control of both houses of Congress in the 2006 election.

BUSH: And tonight, I have the high privilege and distinct honor of my own, as the first president to begin the State of the Union message with these words: "Madam Speaker."

In his day, the late congressman, Thomas d'Alessandro, Jr., from Baltimore, Maryland, saw Presidents Roosevelt and Truman at this rostrum. But nothing could compare with the sight of his only daughter, Nancy, presiding tonight as speaker of the House of Representatives. Congratulations, Madam Speaker.
Some in this chamber are new to the House and the Senate, and I congratulate the Democrat majority.
The 2006 midterm election was an astounding political defeat for Bush but he bore it graciously and without rancor. Obama on the other hand always seems to have an over-sized chip on his shoulders as if he suffers from some deep seated inferiority complex!

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