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John Bolton

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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Dems Obstruct Majorities in New Congress. Obama Issues Three Veto Threats, Senate Dems Filibuster Keystone Pipeline

The Congress was only sworn in on Tuesday and already Obama and Dems seek to block what voters want!

How many times did Obama and the Dems claim the GOP was obstructing needed legislation? It was a spurious charge since Dems controlled the Senate and never allowed votes on dozens of House passed bills. The Washington Post Fact Checker even awarded Obama Four Pinocchios for falsely claiming that the GOP had filibustered "500 pieces of legislation." Of course Obama has gotten so many Pinocchios over the years that hardly anyone notices a new whopper.

But apparently hypocrisy was the last thing on minds of Obama and the Dems when they began making threats to halt legislation in the new Congress. Obama has issued three veto threats in two days. That must be a record. Senate Dems have launched their first filibuster against the Keystone pipeline.

While Obama continues to say he will work with the new GOP majority his actions continue to contradict his words. The last two years of his term he will be dubbed President No!

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