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Friday, January 09, 2015

NY Times Sanitizes Connection to Islam From Statement by Eyewitness to Paris Massacre

The left's attempt to delink Islam from terrorism is so widespread. Is it any wonder we can't get a grip on the real nature of the terrorist threat?

A woman on the scene of the Paris massacre at the newspaper Charlie Hebdo gave her firsthand account of the horror in a report first printed in the New York Times. Initially, the report described how the woman was told by the gunman that he would not kill her but demanded she convert to Islam, read the Koran and cover herself (women are not supposed to show their faces in Islam).

But, in later editions the Times deleted the portion describing the terrorists demands. The Daily Caller has the full story. Just another example of the left wing media hiding the true motives for terrorism from their readers.

Can you imagine the Times omitting such a detail if a killer demanded a woman convert to Christianity? That would be the top headline on the front page. Not so with Islamic terrorists.

Is it any wonder why so many on the left do not understand the real nature of our enemy? 

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