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Monday, January 05, 2015

Prediction: Mini Revolution Against Speaker Boehner Not Enough to Unseat Him

There just isn't a significant and credible conservative alternative to Boehner!

A number of conservatives both inside the Congress and out are mad at Speaker Boehner. He's compromised with Obama a number of times and gotten burned in return. The latest flap involves the failure of the House to take any real action in opposition to Obama's unconstitutional action legalizing millions of aliens. Instead, the House under Boehner's leadership passed a spending bill giving Obama and the Democrats virtually everything they wanted with few crumbs thrown to the right. Newly elected members of the House were given no chance to have their say on spending and other actions which will effect their constituents during the year.

Boehner has always promised to fight when the time is right and yet that time never seems to come. Still, I have been patient over the years. Not so much with this list of conservative GOP members of Congress appearing in the Washington Post.

It would take 29 GOP defectors to throw the vote for Speaker to a second vote which would seriously undermine Boehner's position. The vote is to be held on Tuesday.

It's unlikely the effort will succeed. The Speaker has the power to control committee assignments and other goodies that members want. Opposing him has a definite downside. The other fact against success of this move is that none of those who are putting their names forward as a replacement would have the same support among House members that Boehner does.

Despite the outcome, it's good for conservatives to remind Boehner who brought him to this party!

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