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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In a Blizzard of the Left's Lies Why Harp on NBC Anchor Brian Williams? Lying is What They DO!

Will anyone ever hold Obama or Hillary Clinton accountable?

NBC News Anchor Brian Williams is in big trouble for telling a story that the chopper he was riding in in Iraq years ago came under fire from a rocket propelled grenade when in fact it was a chopper an hour ahead of him. The issue raised new questions about other Williams story of saving a puppy and what he saw in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. But what's the big deal? These people lie ALL THE TIME.

Remember all the phony rape allegations (1,2) or the "hands up don't shoot" lie from Ferguson Missouri? Lying is standard practice to advance a left wing agenda.

But as Hillary Clinton famously said when questioned why she and other top Obama officials, including Obama himself, lied about a video being to blame for the Benghazi attack that killed our Ambassador and three other Americans "what difference...does it make?" The left knows that for the most part they can get away with it. And Hillary Clinton knows that better than anyone else.

Hillary had her own "under fire" moment when she claimed to have a narrow escape from Bosnian snipers in 1996. She made this claim while running for President in 2008 despite clear video evidence to the contrary. Even left leaning fact checker Politifact had to rate that one as a "pants on fire" lie. Yet Hillary Clinton continues to be regarded as the Democrat's front runner for the 2016 nomination.

Now, you can bet that if a GOP presidential hopeful brings up Hillary's loose acquaintance with the truth the media will denounce it as a partisan attack and claim that the story is "old news." This is the same media that gleefully reports gossip and rumors surrounding the activities of GOP candidates IN HIGH SCHOOL 40 years ago.

Of course it isn't just Hillary. Obama has said so many whoppers that few expect anything better from him.

I suspect that Brian Williams may weather the storm at NBC. But don't think for one second the same forgiving attitude will be applied to ANY Republican!

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