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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Obama Using the Poor as a Pawn in the Global Warming Game. PLUS: Climate Science is NOT Settled!

Does he really think that making energy more expensive helps the poor?

Not content just to spread disinformation on climate change in the U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy went to the Vatican in Rome and tried out a new message: fighting global warming helps the poor.

How exactly does raising the cost of energy, a cost that hits the poor the hardest, help them? I'm not really sure but then, I doubt McCarthy is really serious about it. The poor are just another pawn in the great global warming swindle.

Wouldn't the trillions being wasted to fight non-existent man made climate change be better spent on addressing REAL human needs like hunger, disease, illiteracy?

No, instead Obama and company want to do more to enrich Al Gore and his green crony friends (many who contributed to Obama) as they continue to peddle worthless green energy schemes that fail to provide efficient, economic energy.

Once more, the poor get used like pawns while Obama's rich friends run off with the bank!

The Science is NOT Settled!

Should we really be talking about a climate emergency when the "settled science" turns out to be so very, VERY WRONG!

Here's what computer models of global warming theory predicted compared with the actual satellite temperature measurement. Obviously the science is NOT settled if the actual observations are so far out of whack from the predictions based on CO2 in the atmosphere.

Yet the catalog of lies continues...

All these doom and gloom predictions have turned out to be false. Crisis? I don't think so!

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